At nerdd.net, I Jeffrey Crebs, apply my geek thoughts to the world of digital product reviews. I’m a stats man at heart and my prime criteria when reviewing a product is the stats. As you can see from the site, there are a lot of digital products out there. So I don’t have time to hand review them all. That’s where nerdiness comes in. I can generate various statistical indicators on the products that I review, and I used these to come up with a rating. No, it’s not infallible, but it’s still the most unbiased review you’ll see on these products.

Money back guarantee

Now, seeing as I openly admit that I don’t get every review right, you’re bound to be a little bit worried. Well stop worrying because every single product that I review has a money back guarantee. Every single one. I insist on it. This means that if my review is off, you can just return the product. You can see the refund policy here: http://www.clickbank.com/refund_policy_faq.html All the products I review run through the Clickbank payment processor, so all of them are covered by this guarantee.

So who sells these product? You? Clickbank?

I don’t sell any of these products! I just do the reviews. The products are sold by individual product vendors. The payments are processed by Clickbank.

How do you do the statistics?

There is some secret sauce involved, but essentially I make an estimate of the products refund rate. This is because all the products sold via Clickbank have an affiliate program, and the affiliate program provides statistics on the estimate amount to be earned per sale of the product. If you know the product price, you can work out the refund rate. It can be wrong if the price changes or if multiple different products are sold from the same account, but it’s still the best we have.